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for Sale Murlo - Bufalaie

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Small farm located in a natural paradise with a magical atmosphere, between Mediterranean vegetation and centuries-old holm oaks.<br> Inserted in a reserved context, it is at the same time close to the town, only 2.7 km away.<br> There are 3 buildings, renovated and recovered with attention and care, through use<br> of original materials. Each body is independent, both in terms of typology and morphology. Only the interior remains to be completed.<br> The property includes approximately 7 hectares of coppice mixed with fairy-tale holm oaks and spontaneous plants, as well as an olive grove of approximately 1.5 hectares and an orchard of approximately 0.5 hectares. There is also space for a small vineyard.<br> The urban courtyard surrounds and envelops the buildings for about 1,000 m2, bordered by these wonderful trees that give freshness and charm to the whole context.<br> The peculiarity of this village immersed in the borso is that there is a gas-methane system; the power line and internet systems are already in place.<br> This splendid property has everything one could wish for: it is ideal both for an accommodation business aimed at nature lovers and for its functionality as a farm. Also perfect for a family looking for an oasis, a true paradise on earth.

€ 680.000
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---> Totale_mq <---: 500 sq.m
---> Locali <---: 20
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Last update 19/01/2023
for Sale
Murlo - Bufalaie
€ 680.000
500 sq.m
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